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We offer programs to individuals who are struggling in major life areas due to hardships of life, breakups, lack of purpose, and/or inability to find your purpose. Grow through what you go through! Let us help you plant your seed.


We develop business programs targeting leadership, employee morale, and self-care. Remember you are only as good as the vision in which your staff believes in. Creating a sound leadership style while meeting the unique needs of your employees is key!

Substance Use Disorders

We want to get rid of the stigma associated with substance use through education and treatment. We offer individual and family services to help those suffering with substance use disorders to effectively manage recovery.

Mental Health

We assess, diagnose, and treat those who are suffering with mental health issues, which may be triggered/exacerbated by difficult life events such as trauma, breakups, loss, and physical illness.

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We assess potential clients to determine if we are the best provider for you.

Past TFS Events

  • Facilitated a workshop at an annual church conference where parenting styles were identified and strategies on how to minimize the stress of parenting were taught.
  • This workshop educated learners on the importance of self care, specifically mindfulness and how to be more intentional about how to process life stressors.
  • Hostess for the Author's and Poets Expo which was an empowerment event which celebrated the work of life coaches, authors and other artists.
  • The workshop targeted women who are working in their career of choice. Women who are successful and/or aspiring to take on leadership positions in their careers. The workshop better defined leadership roles and modeled and implemented practical tools for use to improve overall life functioning.
Upcoming Events


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