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Leadership: Guide to Self Care and Balance

Workshop(s) - offered to businesses and organizations

Package Prices Vary- We will assess your need and provide a quote.

Jump Start Your Life

4 week coaching program that includes 2 phone consultations and 3 in person/tele-psych sessions. The program is designed to help you develop and begin to implement a plan in key life areas.

You are not Stuck! 

8 week program

Program focuses on gaining and implementing leadership skills and life skills and clients begin to see growth through consistency and adequate support. An accountability partner may be assigned depending on need.

You are the Bomb! Reap Your harvest!

12 to 26 Weeks- Depending on client need

The key to success is remaining successful in the life domain where you desire the most success. You're successful, now what? Keep Going! 

20 Minute Initial Phone Consultation

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